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CONgratulations! You found our secret page!

We are planning on opening some exciting escape rooms in the future!!


Your hiking trip through the back woods has taken you a bit off the beaten path. The property you are now trespassing on belongs to a pair of moonshine brew'n, fleece wear'n and hatchet wield'n redneck brothers! The last thing your group remembers is sitting around a make-shift campfire.  You slowly regain consciousness and find yourself captive in an old run down Cabin. It appears as though if you stick around long enough, you may be whats for dinner.


 With people recently and more frequently going missing, the local buzz is that the abandoned carnival attraction on the outside of town is luring people to it!  You and your ragtag group of would be detectives think it might be fun to check things out for yourselves. Because after all.. There is safety in numbers... Right?

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