COVID-19 Procedures and Measures:

~ MASKS MUST be worn INTO the facility and while checking in

~ Once you are in your Lane, MASKS may be Removed

~ Masks must be worn if within 6 feet/2 meters of other patrons

~ We will have your Seating Area and Axes Sanitized before your arrival

~ Access to additional cleaning wipes will be available for your use

~ Our Staff will wear a mask at all times

Age Restrictions:~

~ We recommend a minimum age of 10 and up. If a staff member can see that a person is capable of throwing an Axe Safely and can follow our rules, they are welcome to throw.

~ Anyone under the age of 16 will require parental permission and must have an adult at the facility during the time of throwing. 

~ We provide a clean & Family Friendly Environment at ALL TIMES

Booking Information:

~ Booking On-line is Highly Recommended (click here)

~ Have only ONE person in your group book

~ When Booking, you will be able to choose how many are in your group

Payment Information:

~ Payment will NOT be collected on-line

~ Your group will pay upon arrival at The Capitol

~ You may pay as a group or individually

Waiver Forms:

~ EVERY person in your group MUST fill out a Waiver Form BEFORE Throwing

~ For Throwers Under the Age of 16 a Guardian must fill out the Waiver Form

~ We Recommend you and your group members fill out the form BEFORE visiting

~ Share our Waiver Form LINK with your group


Larger Groups:

~ We can accommodate larger groups and parties

~ Contact us with as much advanced notice as possible

~ We can help you with organizing foods, snacks & drinks for your group

~ Book by contacting us directly by E-mail


We will refuse the right to throw or may ask persons to leave if they can not follow our safety rules or our Codes of Conduct.

Safety Rules:

~ All throwers MUST wear close toed shoes

~ Hoodie / Sweater hoods, must be tucked in at the back

~ Axes do not leave the throwing zone (no hand-offs)

~ Only one person at a time in the throwing zone

~ Standard Two Handed & Single Handed throwing allowed

~ Axes not to be removed from targets by grabbing the handle underneath

~ If someone younger is throwing, an Adult may have to remove the axe from target

~ No 'Trick Shots' ie: Two axes at a time, underhand, backwards, upside down


~ We are a FAMILY FRIENDLY Environment at ALL TIMES!

~ Be aware that we are in a facility with other families and children

~ No excessive or vulgar language / swearing

~ No Drinking Alcohol or Drugs / Smoking

~ ZERO Tolerance for harassment towards Anyone in the facility